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Mediation is a structured conflict resolution process in which a neutral third party, the mediator of your choice, supports the parties involved in finding an amicable solution. The aim of mediation is to resolve conflicts in a non-judicial manner by improving communication between the parties (mediators) and by taking their interests and needs into account. Mediators create a safe space for open dialogue and promote mutual understanding. Through the use of mediation techniques, a win-win solution is sought in which all parties involved benefit from the consensus reached.

Mediation areas


Couple & Separation Mediation

Couple mediation is an effective method to resolve conflicts and communication problems between partners. It offers couples a structured and supportive environment to resolve their differences and find viable solutions. The mediator, a neutral third party, acts as an intermediary and helps the partners to articulate their needs, interests and feelings. Through targeted questions, active listening and encouraging a respectful dialogue, the mediator supports the couples in improving their communication patterns and developing common solutions. Couple mediation can be used for a wide variety of issues, such as marital problems, unresolved conflicts, decision-making or separations. It allows partners to shape their relationship in a constructive way and aim for a win-win solution.

Reden wir es aus. - Paar- & Trennungsmediation
Reden wir es aus. - Familienmediation

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a process designed to resolve conflicts and disputes within families. This can cover various areas, including inheritance disputes. In inheritance mediation, the aim is to settle family conflicts in connection with estates, the distribution of assets or questions about wills. The mediator supports the family members involved in communicating their interests and needs and finding common solutions. The focus is on maintaining family relationships. Mediation allows the parties to negotiate in a neutral and safe space and reach a consensus that is acceptable to all. By using family mediation, lengthy court proceedings can be avoided and family ties can be strengthened.

Business Mediation

Business mediation is a conflict resolution technique used in the business world. It aims to resolve conflicts between companies, business partners or within a company in a non-judicial manner. Business mediation can be used in various situations such as contractual disputes, corporate succession, mergers and acquisitions, workplace disputes or commercial disputes. Mediators, who have specialist knowledge in the field of business law and corporate governance, support the parties in clarifying their interests and needs and in working out solutions that are beneficial to all parties involved. Business mediation allows the parties to save time and money and maintain or improve the business relationship.

Reden wir es aus. - Wirtschaftsmediation
Reden wir es aus. - Nachbarschaftsmediation

Neighborhood Mediation

Neighborhood mediation is an approach to resolving conflicts between neighbors. It can be used for various issues such as noise pollution, boundary disputes, pet issues, or inappropriate behavior. Mediation enables neighbors to express their concerns and concerns and to seek viable solutions together. A neutral mediator supports them in communicating openly, clarifying misunderstandings and finding compromises that are fair to both sides. Through the use of neighborhood mediation, the relationship between neighbors is improved, tensions are reduced and a harmonious neighborhood can be restored. This helps create a positive social environment.

Interkulturelle Mediation

Intercultural Mediation

Intercultural mediation refers to the use of mediation techniques to resolve conflicts between people of different cultural backgrounds. It occurs when cultural differences create misunderstanding, prejudice, or tension. The mediator with intercultural competence acts as a facilitator to improve understanding between the parties and find a culturally sensitive solution. By treating cultural norms, values ​​and communication styles with respect, intercultural mediation helps to build trust and identify common interests. It promotes intercultural dialogue, promotes integration and helps promote harmony and cooperation in a diverse society.

Reden wir es aus. - Interkulturelle Mediation

Why Mediation?

Save up to 80% on the cost of a court case.

Mediation solutions are contractually binding.

Act independently:

Work out the right solution together. 

Get to know your conflict partner better.

93% of all mediations are successful. You will be amazed at the solution.

Grow from the conflict and come out stronger.

Mediation is cheaper than you think - save up to 80% compared to legal proceedings


What you should know about mediation?


In order for mediation to work best for all parties, the following principles apply:

  • Voluntariness: all mediators have voluntarily decided to participate in the dispute settlement.

  • Impartiality: Mediators represent all parties equally. We are not permitted to establish a close relationship with a party.

  • Balance of power: As mediators, we ensure that all mediators can participate in the process free from an imbalance of power.

Reden wir es aus. - Die Grundsätze der Mediation
Reden wir es aus. - Das Setting bestimmt den Erfolg des Prozesses. Ob in Präsenz oder Online.


Choose between face-to-face mediation (meetings take place in the mediator's secure premises) or via zoom conference. We also offer alternative forms (e.g. mediation as part of a hike). We would be happy to explain the key elements to you.

It is important to us to have a discussion atmosphere in which the mediator and the parties can meet on an equal footing. For this purpose we conclude an agreement with the parties.


As a mediator, we guide the parties through the dispute resolution process. It is our task to mediate in terms of communication technology and to disclose the mutual needs. We help to broaden your perspective and at the same time to be heard. But you yourself are of crucial importance, because the solutions as well as their development and implementation is the responsibility of your participation. We support you with this.

Reden wir es aus. - Die Methodik ist in der Mediation bestimmend, ob Werte und Ziele erhellt werden können und so Lösungen für Konflikte gewonnen werden können.
Reden wir es aus. - Die Vereinbarung regelt die Kommunikation während des Mediationsprozesses - bei den Gesprächen aber auch außerhalb


At the beginning of the mediation, mediators work out an agreement with the parties which, in addition to the goal and suspension of judicial  procedure also provides for binding communication rules.

At the end of a successful mediation there is an agreement. This includes the implementation of proposed solutions and can be submitted to the court as a point in civil law matters. The agreement is binding.

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Legal framework

The Civil Mediation Act provides the framework for registered mediators. As certified by the Ministry of Justice, they have the opportunity to bring about a solution within the framework of civil law matters and thus avoid legal disputes. During a mediation, all deadlines that determine any proceedings are suspended. If the agreed solutions are submitted to the court, they become legally effective and can be executed.

Reden wir es aus. - Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen geben Ihnen Sicherheit, dauerhaft eine Lösung zu finden und Probleme nachhaltig beizulegen.

And this is how mediation works:

Mediation - Termin

1. Contact & meeting

Arrange an appointment with me. I am happy to provide an initial consultation. Participation for all participants is voluntary.

Mediation Goal

4. Conflicts & Values

We look behind the topics and work with special methods to identify the individual areas of conflict. Which values unite the parties, which ones differentiate them?


2. Setting & agreement

Together we decide on binding rules for our communication. This was an essential prerequisite for the success of the mediation. It creates a secure framework.


5. Solutions & implementation

With my moderation, you develop solution options for each conflict area, and we prioritize them. The most sensible solutions for you will be worked out.



3. Topics &  Goals

We collect the issues that are decisive for the conflict. And we take a look into the future: What common goal can you formulate?


6. Graduation & Celebrate

Finally, we agree on the implementation of your suggestions and take security measures. Now is also the time to celebrate your success, because the conflict has made you stronger.

So funktioniert Mediation

Get in touch and inform.

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