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Jürgen Dostal

Mag. Jürgen Dostal, MBA

Registered mediator & 
network founder

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"Conflicts have potential. Through them we grow into personalities and become stronger."

About me


  • Languages: German, English

  • Center of life: Bucklige Welt (near Wr. Neustadt)

  • Born in 1964 in Vienna

  • Married, in 2nd marriage, 1 daughter

  • Devout but not religious

  • I have to wrest myself with hobbies because I love what I do.

  • Little joy: 1 scoop of mixed ice cream

  • Favorite place: Pula, Croatia


  • Certified mediator

  • Strategic advisor to the aid organization ADRA with a focus on communication and digitization

  • Various management functions in the banking sector with a focus on innovation and strategy


  • Author of the studies "The digitization of mediation in Austria in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic" and "Conflict culture in Austrian companies

  • Master's degree in business mediation (before graduation)

  • Business economist with a focus on Human Resources & Advertising/Market Research

  • Many years of experience in sales and marketing

  • Project & crisis management

  • Leading complex teams

My personal experience

In my life so far, I have not been able to avoid every conflict and certainly not to solve every conflict myself. But once you've bottomed out in your emotions, things actually go up again. You gain new perspectives. And if you only gain height again then you look back on an experience and you realize: It made you stronger and you don't want to miss it. So use conflict as an opportunity.

Jürgen Dostal


Arrange a non-binding consultation with me. I would be happy to explain the advantages of mediation to you or accompany you on the way to a new conflict culture.

Jürgen Dostal

Mediation is also possible online



Get in touch and inform.

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