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Our vision:
a new culture of conflict

Use conflict as a motor for growth in the company. We do not view conflicts as obstacles, but rather as opportunities for individual and collective development. Our focus on creative solutions in the interests of the customer enables us to go beyond traditional mediation approaches and offer tailor-made conflict solutions - that is conflict culture. Strengthen team dynamics and create space for innovation. Let's talk it out. Become part of our vision and fill out our conflict analysis questionnaire now.

Mediation is cheaper than you think - save up to 80% compared to legal proceedings


in Austria

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Our services

The conflict culture in a company refers to the way conflicts are perceived, addressed and resolved. It reflects the company's attitude, values and general approach to conflict. A positive conflict culture promotes open communication, constructive conflict resolution and the opportunity for employees to address differences of opinion without fear of negative consequences.

Conflict analysis & Conflict prevention

An environment in which conflicts are handled constructively contributes to employee satisfaction and promotes employee loyalty. Employees are more likely to feel connected to a company that takes their concerns seriously and provides conflict resolution mechanisms. We analyze the weak points in your company and develop measures to retain employees.

Konfliktanalyse & Konfliktprävention
Team- und Führungskräftetraining

Team and leadership training

A positive conflict culture is crucial, especially in times when the world of work is changing rapidly and hybrid working models are becoming more and more common. We give your employees and managers the right tools. It is important to us that conflicts are identified and addressed at an early stage.

Team- & Führungkräftetraining

Mediation & Conflict coaching

We mediate between employees, teams but also externally to customers and suppliers. Our methods provide for out-of-court settlement of conflicts and are based on respect for the individual and the trust that those involved have the will to find a solution. Our job is to mediate between people and bring about agreements that represent a win-win solution for all parties.

Mediation & Konfliktcoaching
Entwicklung von Diversitätskultur & Konfliktregularien

Development of diversity culture & Conflict regulations

Diversity management focuses on the effective integration and management of diversity in organizations. It strives to promote equal opportunities and inclusion in order to make optimal use of the potential of different backgrounds. The development of conflict regulations is an integral part of creating a positive working environment in diverse teams. These guidelines encourage open communication, conflict resolution skills, and create structures to value different perspectives and manage conflict constructively.

Entwicklung von Diversitätskultur & Konfliktrgularien
Mediation & Konfliktcoaching


Change management refers to the systematic planning, implementation and control of change processes in organizations. It aims to minimize resistance, engage employees and ease the transition. Effective change management takes into account cultural, organizational and individual aspects to promote sustainable change and positive results.


Innovation management

Our approach to innovation management deals with the strategic control of innovation processes in companies based on conflicts. It includes the identification, development and implementation of new ideas, technologies or business models in order to achieve competitive advantages based on identified problems within the company. Effective innovation management promotes a culture of creativity, collaboration and adaptability.


Types of conflict


Intergroup conflicts

Conflicts between departments, teams or groups within the company, often due to competition for resources or different goals.

Way to solution

Role conflicts

Lack of clarity regarding responsibilities and responsibilities can lead to conflict when employees have different ideas about who is responsible for what.

Celebrate results

Conflicts over recognition

Inequities in recognition, reward or promotion can lead to tension and conflict between employees.

Analysis of conflict

Conflicts due to change

Resistance to organizational change can lead to conflict when employees have different opinions about how change should be implemented. 

Way to solution

Conflicts of values

Different values and beliefs can lead to conflicts, especially if they are not in line with company values.

Interpersonal conflicts

Conflicts between individual employees due to personal differences, different work styles or communication problems.


6 even better reasons to go with PROCONSENS.AT.

Mediation is cheaper than you think - save up to 80% compared to legal proceedings


in Austria

  1. We are leaders in the field of conflict culture in Austria.

  2. Our team consists of mediators, coaches and communication experts who have many years of experience in corporate practice.

  3. We are extremely agile and have a lean administration. For this reason we are cost-effective and extremely flexible.

  4. We are represented throughout Austria.

  5. We live a culture of conflict. For this reason, we use the possibilities of supervision ourselves.

  6. We offer tailor-made solutions tailored to the needs of companies.

Our expert offers

Insight “Conflict culture in Austrian companies”

Request all information about the empirical study free of charge. Find out how managers perceive conflict management.

€ 0.00


Insight “Conflict culture in Austrian companies”

Request all information about the empirical study free of charge. Find out how managers perceive conflict management.

€ 498,--

Reliable and secure communication between people. Avoid problems, dangers and conflicts. E

Leadership workshop
Conflict culture

We sensitize managers to the issue of conflict. This way, costs from conflicts can be avoided and opportunities realized.

from € 1,920.00

An impenetrable communication barrier separates businessmen. Misunderstanding. Lack of tec

KODE® Profile “Conflict competence for leaders.”

We create a gap analysis for each person on their ability to deal with conflicts and derive individual measures.

from € 498.00

Missing puzzle pieces with megaphone icons. Communication, discussion, chatting, conversat


We set up a complaint management process, train your team based on transaction analysis and use mediation to avoid egal proceedings.

Price on request


Get in touch and inform.

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