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AI and the future of mediation

Updated: Apr 27

Digitalization in mediation has received an initial boost from the pandemic and will continue. On the one hand, it is important to incorporate existing software functions into the practical mediation application (e.g. whiteboards, breakout rooms), and on the other hand, artificial intelligence can be seen as an important development driver.

According to the author's study, the mediators agree that AI as an independent system, i.e. as automated electronic mediation, has no chance of being used. But AI could have an important supporting function in the future:

  • Through a big data-based comparison of data points collected during mediation, hidden emotions could be addressed, power imbalances uncovered and tailor-made solution suggestions for mediators could be developed.

  • Suggested solutions could be checked for completeness. AI could also provide valuable suggestions when evaluating decision criteria and provide information about the sustainability of alternative solutions through probability calculations.

  • In the administrative area, it could not only make it easier to record meetings; Expanding the documentation to include measurable data (e.g. vocal frequency) could provide important information for follow-up meetings.

AI can provide important assistance in mediation.
AI can provide important assistance in mediation.

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