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Conflict is responsible for more than 50% of mental illnesses.We encounter conflicts almost every day, whether in our private lives or in our business environment. We usually find ourselves in such situations unprepared. This makes us uncomfortable because we have not really learned how to deal with conflicts. The result is that we avoid them or block them out of our perception.


We at PROCONSENS.AT show how to deal with conflicts and use their potential. Because conflict resolution brings personal well-being and the opportunity for growth and development, for yourself or for companies.

Our topics

Austrian employees want a positive conflict culture in the workplace.

Why productive arguing pays off for companies.

Successfully assert yourself at work. That's how you get what you want.

What is the cost of standing still? Conflicts as a driver for growth.

How do I face my daily conflicts (long queues, blocked seats ...) and develop composure?

Can competence in dealing with conflicts be learned?

"You're too young for that." How to deal with killer phrases.


The results of the study “Conflict culture in Austrian companies” are in. One thing is clear right away: employees rate the conflict culture in the workplace much more critically than managers!

300 companies took part in the PROCONSENS.AT study and the findings surprised us. Managers and employees are very open about conflicts and see massive effects on everyday working life.

How you can reach us.

Mag. Jürgen Dostal

+43 681 81614885

We are happy to be available for interviews in print, online, TV and podcast media formats and share our knowledge and experiences on the topic of a positive conflict culture.

Further information about PROCONSENS.AT's partners and their focus areas can be found under " About us ".

Information material

The use of the images for media coverage about us is free of charge.


Get in touch and inform.

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