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Marketing of mediation services in Austria

Updated: Apr 27

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, mediators are no longer tied to their catchment area. With the advent of mediation via Zoom and Co, experts practicing online were able to expand their own catchment area.

However, this is strongly linked to the visibility of the services offered. Building your own homepage to present your services and build trust with potential clients is just a first step. Here, too, the mechanisms of the analog world are still being used more and more (e.g. ratings are replacing classic re-recommendation). In fact, alternative options for presenting your own services are becoming increasingly important and should be used.

Mediators, who are usually in a critical life situation, seek quick help. They are looking for someone they can trust. Marketing your mediation service via own homepage can be done with the help of SEO by displaying information about your own performance via Google Ads on search words used by mediators. This can be limited to regions as desired, but also to target group-specific criteria (e.g. company, family, etc.).

It became clear in the author's study conducted in the first quarter of 2023 that building trust in the digital space is still viewed as a challenge. In this respect, this point should be given particular importance right from the start. The structure and content of a homepage can give a trustworthy impression, but ultimately independent assessments count more. Mediators are often able to inspire their mediators in the end because a seemingly insoluble issue has been resolved. In this process, a bond is created between the mediator and the mediators. This is where mediators should start and ask their clients for an assessment including a rating. This not only helps you continually put your own performance to the test, but is also an important communication element.

Need to improve the marketing skills of mediators
Need to improve the marketing skills of mediators

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