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KODE® Profile "Conflict competence for Leaders"

Productnumber: 2024-03

€ 490.00 for 10 participants
€   50.00 for each further person

According to our field study, many managers shy away from actively dealing with conflicts within the team or among colleagues. Others do not see conflict management as a core task of employee management. As a result, conflicts often remain “untreated” in the room, constantly simmering away and causing a lot of damage. Establishing a proactive conflict culture in the company seems appropriate, but it always starts with the individual. In order to build a positive conflict culture in the company, it is important to know individual strengths and weaknesses when dealing with conflict. Only when it is clear where there is a need for development can development work take place effectively. Methodology: With the help of KODE®, the level of a whole bundle of sub-competencies (current status) can be determined in a single step and compared with the desired target level and with the characteristics of colleagues. Conflict competence must not be viewed as a competence that is separate from all other competences, but rather as a cross-sectional competence that includes several sub-competences. I will explain what these are specifically below. PROCONSENS.AT is KODE® certified and has developed its own profile. Measures: 1. Recording the current status per participant 2. Comparison with the target profile 3. Derivation of measures for development. These are individually tailored to the individual person and supplemented by team development activities.

Your challenge

• Your managers have different levels of competence in dealing with conflicts. • You are looking for an opportunity to address individual strengths as well as deficits. • It is important to you to make your company's conflict culture more open and not only to avoid conflicts, but also to use the potential of conflicts.

Our offer

• Suspected or apparent conflicts within the workforce • Noticeably bad mood or visible unmotivation among the workforce • Bumpy processes or high error rates, quality defects or customer dissatisfaction • Information and communication deficits or leaks within the organization or teams • Increased sickness absence or high fluctuation • You are looking for an effective way to establish a productive conflict culture in your company and to develop your employees and managers from where they currently are

Your benefit

• Measuring conflict competence per employee and/or entire teams or company departments • Training materials for the development of individual conflict competence using training materials for self-study in order to effectively address deficits in dealing with conflicts • Recommendations for collective development measures to build conflict competence and the development of a productive conflict culture in the company in order to avoid various conflict costs and to use opportunities from resolved conflicts • Short throughput time and personal support from our specialists

Additional information

Read our blog post “Competent in dealing with conflicts”.

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