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Workshop “Conflict culture for leaders”

Productnumber: 2024-01

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The workshop aims to sensitize managers to the topic of “conflict” and strengthen their ability to manage conflict. Depending on the number of modules selected, it can last between 4 hours and 2 days and is ideally designed for groups of up to 15 participants. The workshop covers various topics and methods, including activities to develop alertness, openness and the ability to reflect, as well as exercises in group dynamics and communication. Lectures and electronic support are deliberately avoided in order to focus on presence and interaction. A particular focus is on the culture of conflict, which is examined through an online survey among managers and a comparison with the data from PROCONSENS.AT. Productive arguing is also covered, with personal reflections and plans for change being discussed in the group.

Your challenge

You have noticed that conflicts are not expressed, dealt with and resolved. Employees do not feel free to point out relevant circumstances, and managers find themselves overwhelmed by conflicts. This leads to a lasting impairment of the working atmosphere and quality. They see the opportunity to leverage the potential that lies dormant in conflicts. You want to establish an open conflict culture that has a positive impact on the team, collaboration and business results.

Our offer

• Positive change in group dynamics and communication. • Building a new conflict culture • Development of specific skills (e.g. constructive arguments) Our program begins by building trust among the participants and making the distribution of roles and competence for conflict resolution visible. An inventory of the conflict culture will show you the difference between managers and employees within a few minutes. This information is the basis for internal company self-reflection, on which immediate measures are taken. In the first step, the skills of productive arguing are taught and practiced.

Your benefit

• Suggestion and reflection: You find out where your company stands in terms of its ability to deal with conflict. • Workshop participants learn to recognize how their interactions impact the team. • Concrete development opportunities for your team and initial implementations that can be used immediately in everyday business.

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