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Insight Special "Conflict culture in Austrian companies"

Productnumber: 2024-04

€ 198.00 for up to 100 participants
€   10.00 for each additional person

Compare your company's conflict management with the Austrian market. Over 300 companies took part in Austria's first study on the topic of conflict culture. Find out how managers assess the causes and effects compared to employees. We shed light on which conflicts arise in your company and how to deal with them. What attitude do managers and employees take and what opportunities are given to conflicts? Due to the methodology - an online survey - the results can be provided very cost-effectively and within a few days. All you have to do is send the link to the company's internal questionnaire to your employees. We will do the rest for you and provide you with the results of your company in comparison to the Austrian market.

Your challenge

• You want to benchmark your company against the market on the topic of “conflicts”. • You want to learn more about the types of conflict that affect your company. • What is the conflict culture like? Self-studies are very expensive and require a long preparation time. You want to avoid that.

Our offer

• Conducting a standardized online survey in your company separately for managers and employees. • Preparation of the results and comparison with results from the Austrian market. • Recommendations for action

Your benefit

• You see your company's conflict performance compared to 300 other Austrian companies. • You get an overview of the perspective of managers vs. employees. • We give you initial suggestions for action, individually tailored to your company.

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