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Claim managment

Productnumber: 2024-05

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Claim management in insurance refers to the process of processing claims submitted by customers. It includes the recording, checking, evaluation and processing of damage cases, complaints and warranty claims in accordance with your company's terms and conditions Effective claims management is crucial to customer satisfaction and your company’s reputation. It requires quick and fair processing of claims as well as clear communication with customers throughout the process. At the same time, it is important to equip employees with the necessary skills so that they find their own task meaningful. By setting up a functioning process, training and supporting employees, you can successfully ensure the retention of your workforce. You incur costs from legitimate claims from your customers. Your aim is to limit these to the necessary extent and to have the correct assessment of how conflicts should be resolved.

Your challenge

• Complaints can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction and reputation. • Customer complaints lead to stress and increased fluctuation among your own employees. • Customer demands can lead to lengthy and costly legal disputes, especially in B2C. You want to optimize costs.

Our offer

• Systematic analysis of the claims and development of objection handling based on the customers' personality characteristics (VAKOG model of the 5 sensory perceptions). This allows you to better control communication. • Training your supervisors according to the principles of transactional analysis. This allows conflicts to be brought back to a factual level. • Resolution of disputes through mediation. This saves you the high costs of legal proceedings with an uncertain outcome. • Setting up the claim process including monitoring complaints as part of a claim dashboard.

Your benefit

• You build understanding for the customers and bring the complaints to a factual level. • Your employees are able to lead the conversation. This leads to less stress and more satisfaction with the task. • The costs of lengthy litigation are typically reduced by 80% and you are not exposed to the uncertain outcome of the proceedings. • You keep track of all customer complaints and demands and can therefore react more quickly, because ultimately your business depends on the satisfaction of your customers.

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